What Our Readers Are Saying:

“I am getting so much out of your book. You are magical! Absolutely brilliant. I have been reading your book and worked with your processes morning and evening and throughout the day and on the weekend. I am very curious by nature and I get excited as to what else will be unveiled with every page I turn and with every word I write, which helps me remember things better.”

- Susan Newman, Nanaimo, BC

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“The Art of Purposeful Being is a practical guide designed to help the reader discover and live from a more authentic sense of self. Drawing on his personal experience Phil Winkelmans presents us with a philosophy for implementing and sustaining personal transformation. I will be keeping a copy close at hand, because anyone searching for healing will find the book immensely helpful.”

- Dr. Michael Greenwood, author of The Paradox of Healing and Braving the Void and The Unbroken Field

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The Art of Purposeful Being is a treasure of practical wisdom from someone who deeply understands the key role of spirituality in crafting a life. I can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit from it.”

- Larry Dossey, MD, author of ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

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