“This is a book about practical spirituality, an inquiry into personal meaning. Phil Winkelmans details a straightforward approach to important issues.

“I experience a respect for the reader, inviting and encouraging self-investigation without being “preachy” or doctrinaire. The focus is on a method of exploration (“tools for the soul”) rather than dispensing “truths.”

“Phil’s writing style is warm, friendly and inviting. I found myself reflecting upon my own life as I went from chapter to chapter. Even when I didn’t agree with something, I would easily find the space to contemplate what was being raised, and found the questions and exercises to be especially helpful in feeling more deeply into myself. I appreciate that there are diverse sources to support the theses in the book; if I want to pursue something further, I know where to look.

“I resonate with the focus on self-responsibility that is compatible with a respectful, thoughtful, way of life and being. I like this book.”

- John (Jock) Herbert Ross McKeen
Canadian physician, acupuncturist, author, and lecturer who cofounded the Haven Institute with Bennet Wong and who has written on East-West medicine, alternative medicine, holistic health, Asian studies and personal growth

 “To read this book is to take a step into a larger world. The Art of Purposeful Being is a practical guide to changing perceptions and ways of looking at life, and at the same time a beautiful journey, full of insights and deeply personal experiences by the author and other people. My wife and I have both read this book slowly and carefully, and now I feel it is time to go back to the beginning and start reading all over again.

“Implementing the exercises in this book gives one access to a whole new level of thought, an area of life that so many of us ignore. Suddenly day-to-day life has the opportunity to take on new meaning, a new dimension. Previously perceived limitations give way to a fuller existence, a life that now appears boundless and rich.

“Of course nothing changes overnight, but reading The Art of Purposeful Being is the beginning of an exciting adventure, living life the way it was meant to be.”

- Andrzej Kabata, North Vancouver, BC

“I am getting so much out of your book. You are magical! Absolutely brilliant. I have been reading your book and worked with your processes morning and evening and throughout the day and on the weekend. I am very curious by nature and I get excited as to what else will be unveiled with every page I turn and with every word I write, which helps me remember things better.”

- Susan Newman, Nanaimo, BC

“The Art of Purposeful Being is a practical guide designed to help the reader discover and live from a more authentic sense of self. Drawing on his personal experience Phil Winkelmans presents us with a philosophy for implementing and sustaining personal transformation. I will be keeping a copy close at hand, because anyone searching for healing will find the book immensely helpful.”

- Dr. Michael Greenwood, author of The Paradox of Healing and Braving the Void and The Unbroken Field

“I believe The Art of Purposeful Being to be on the leading edge of spiritual and psychological development. It offers an interesting and practical challenge to current thinking in the area of healing, love, feelings, spirit, soul’s purpose, mission, and concepts of ‘self.’ It is a must-read for all who are on the path of transformation.”

- Rev. Susan G. Shumsky, DD, author of Divine Revelation

The Art of Purposeful Being: Your Destiny Project offers practical ideas and effective exercises so that readers can understand their deepest life purpose and get in touch with their inner soul’s nature. This book is a truly significant contribution to spiritual psychology.”

- Robert Frager, PhD (Harvard), founder and president emeritus of Sofia University, author of several books, and spiritual guide in the Sufi mystical tradition

The Art of Purposeful Being is a treasure of practical wisdom from someone who deeply understands the key role of spirituality in crafting a life. I can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit from it.”

- Larry Dossey, MD, author of ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“The Art of Purposeful Being gave me the tools to realize that I am my greatest love and biggest project. Each chapter has transformed my negative inner dialog into the care and support I’d been searching for in others. This book has allowed me to take control of my fears and gain the confidence to live life with purpose.”

- Cassy Melvin

“I’m reading the book The Art of Purposeful Being a few pages at a time on the bus on the way to work everyday. I’m reading Chapter 9 now and does that ever apply to me.

I realize now how externally controlled my whole life has been. The example on page 150 about anxiety and difficulty in a new job is what I am going through. I have started to look at the situation differently, I realize that I chose that situation and using positive pre-choice to see the positive benefits has reduced my anxiety.

As my fears around issues drop I seem to be able to think more clearly but more importantly as I relax so do my co workers especially my boss and that makes for a much improved situation. I am seeing my own value for what it is no matter what others may think. I like shifting to my own God Self values now I know I can have them. ”

- Mark Dunget, Victoria BC

“Absolutely loved your book. My wife and I are the process of deciding whether to separate or stay together. I started to read your book (which my wife picked out for me) soon after my wife and I split.

It was a particularly difficult two months for me. When I entered such a stressful time your book helped me out of it. Also I started to feel waves of energy come through me and I believe it was from the stress of the situation (being tuned up as they say) and the understanding coming from your book. My wife is now reading it and starting to come to some understandings of her own.

Thank you for writing this book. I am trying to get others to read the book. It is very inspirational. I must confess I did not do the exercises but I will when my wife returns the book to me. Kudos’ to you for writing such a simple and clear message on how to have a full and happy life.”

- Scott Aitken; Tofino, BC

“. . . a truly significant contribution to spiritual psychology. Philip Winkelmans provides the reader with a clear, psychologically sound theory that integrates spirituality and psychology.

Even better, he also furnishes practical ideas and effective exercises so that readers can understand their deepest life purpose and get in touch with their inner soul’s nature. I recommend this book highly for anyone who sincerely desires psychological/spiritual growth.”

- Robert Frager, PhD. Institute for Transpersonal Psychology

Your book has shown us that the path for life is always there, for the first time in my life I can honestly say I look forward to life as I never have before, I used to trudge through it but no longer. I am finally freed of the burdens which I carried with me for so very long.

- Shannon Aitken

"I learned that you can be in control of your life in a positive way. That there are methods to deal with the aspects of your life, past and present, that you can change for the better."

- Anne Francis, Tofino/Ucluelet, BC

I have read a lot of self help books, but this is one of the first that helps you make changes in a simple and practical manner. I loved the exercises.

- Don Larson

I loaned my book to my friend Patty, and guess what, it’s changed her life too.

- Cypdie Fox

This wonderful book has inspired me to teach a class on this subject using Phil’s book a guide The subject is so universal, for who has not asked the question, “Who am I?” and ‘What am I to do with my life?’

- Rev Linda Pye, Unity

This book furnishes practical ideas and effective exercises so that readers can understand their deepest life purpose and get in touch with their inner soul’s nature.

- Robert Frager Ph.D (Harvard University)

The Art of Purposeful Being is an amazing book that holds the secret keys to life. It has provided me with happiness and contentment that until a short time ago I never knew existed!

- Bob Koop

The Art of Purposeful Being is supportive, exciting, it works to improve communication skills, encourages the desire to know yourself better. Excellent questions at the end of each chapter help to integrate the material.

- Fr. Jack Sproule

I have begun to have feelings of energy coming through me on a daily basis now; I do believe it is love in the purest form. Kudos to you for writing such a simple and clear message on how to have a full and happy life.

- Scott Aitken

“It is like having a love affair with yourself.”

- Annie Jack